How do you spend the time in your life? Why not make the most of it?

The holidays have always been important benchmarks for my journey through life. It was true when I was a boy and even as an adult.

I remember with fondness the lighting of the candles during Advent and the sounds and smells of Christmas with family. To this day, I associate New Years’ Eve with Communion at the church alter of our little church. Even though I grew up Methodist, Lent is still a somber season of preparation and reflection.

These seasons of faith help shape my relationship with God and others. And I love them all.

This site is devoted to these Holy Seasons of Life. It offers a short daily reflection and prayer during the Holy Days of Advent and Lent, World Communion Sunday and All Saints Day, and others.

If you sign up using the email option, a daily thought will come to your email, helping you to reflect and focus during these special seasons of faith. You might also receive a devotion during holidays that are not associated directly with the Church Calendar (Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and New Years) just to make things interesting and to keep you on your toes.

Will you join me as we learn to focus on our relationship with God and with others? Will you join me in the journey to the manger and to the cross?


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