A Contrast in Response

Luke 1:34, 38 (NLT)

Mary asked the angel, “But how can this happen? I am a virgin.”

Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” And then the angel left her.

A Thought

I’ve always pondered why Zechariah asked a question about the plan of God and was struck mute, while Mary asks a question and gets off scot-free.


We’ve read about Zechariah’s questioning response to Gabriel’s announcement of God’s miraculous offering: “How can this happen, my wife is old?” The content of his question revealed the level of his doubt. He voiced hesitation in God’s ability. He betrayed his lack of trust in God’s power. The man who should have known better, knew nothing. The man of faith had very little, indeed.

Mary also questioned the messenger, but her question is more about of the process than the promise: “How can I be pregnant when I’ve never had sex?”  Her query came from curiosity rather than suspicion. She was a child asking grownup questions. She legitimately wants to know the process, rather than suggesting that God can’t do whatever God wants to do. The content of her question reveals the lack of understand but not any doubt. She voiced acceptance of God’s ability and revealed her total trust in God’s power. This young woman who didn’t know anything was willing to learn everything. This girl with no reason for faith had enough to move a mountain…and change the world.

Where would you fall in this holy spectrum of dubious questions and faithful responses? Would you question repeatedly or believe wholeheartedly? Would you reply uncertainly or trust completely?

Is the message unbelievable? Of course. Is the plan inconceivable? Absolutely. Do your queries seek to clarify the situation or do they reveal your concern about the integrity of the Creator’s plan?


Dearest Father of Heaven,

May we always trust in you. May our faith never waver. May our assurance in your good desire for our lives always be on the forefront of our hearts and minds, so that, when you call, we will be answer with confidence. When you ask, we will respond with assurance. When you act, we will be by your side.

May everything You dream, say and do in our lives come true.




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