Preparing Our Hearts

img_20151206_194134For many, the holidays are all about the decorations, the sites and sounds, the presents, the Easter Egg Hunts and Santa Claus. However, for many, these times are much more. They are opportunity to recognize our connection to God and God’s love for us. They are days of holiness and preparation.

For centuries the Church has recognized the Holy Celebrations of Advent, Christmastide, Lent, Pentecost and many more. These are times filled with prayer, fasting and reflection. These Holy Days are helpful in retelling the story of our Faith, from the birth of Christ through his death and resurrection and into the formation of the early church.

These Holy Celebrations and Days of Preparation offer the seeker of God a time to reflect on the wonderful grace of God and prepare our hearts for those most Holy Days.

Won’t you follow along and join us on the journey? Go ahead and hang the lights or put out the Easter Ham…there’s nothing wrong with that, but the season’s can be so much more than the scent of pine or the taste of chocolate. They can help us to grow closer to God and strengthen our faith.